How Shopify Is Bringing Online Retailers Into the Future

(Unsplash, 2022)

By Inc.

Published: Feb 7, 2022

"How Shopify Is Bringing Online Retailers Into the Future: The e-commerce company is rolling out easy-to-use 3-D and augmented reality tools."

The e-commerce platform now allows its online merchants to launch 3-D and augmented reality versions of their products directly on their websites. According to retail publication Charged, merchants can convert their entire product offerings into 3-D and A.R. models on their websites. Shopify is partnering with the U.K.-based A.R. platform Poplar Studio to offer the service through an app that costs businesses $49 per month.

Shopify already offered some 3-D and A.R. features, but the experience was fragmented and required multiple apps. The new platform allows retailers to access all the features in a single app.