5 tips for outsourcing your next website project

In this article, you will find 5 actionable tips and guidelines on how to outsource your next website project successfully and with less chances of failure.

1. Define the goals of your project

You have a valid reason to create this website. Whether it is to fulfill a startup idea, to create brand awareness, or to sell something through it; it exists for a purpose and a mission. Write down why you want to create this website, what makes it important, who’s going to use it and how the users and your business is going to benefit from creating this website.

2. Think about how much you want to invest

You should set aside a specific amount of money (or a budget) that you’d want to invest in your outsource. Write down this budget is an effective way to save time. Such that your agency can avoid suggesting something that you’re not interested in (or cannot afford).

On the other hand, if you do not have a budget you will most likely attract agencies to bid for cheap work that doesn’t care about quality at all.

Your website is your #1 marketing asset and it works for you 24 x 7 without a rest. It is the most hard working sales person on your team. Set aside a budget before you reach out to your agency is a sure way to guarantee quality of work.

3. How soon do you need it

Set a deadline so that you and your agency can have a reasonable expectation of how to plan this projects along these timeframes.

4. Provide samples and design considerations

You can provide samples from websites if it has some design elements or functions that you’re looking for.  You can also write down design considerations (e.g. Sky-blue theme / Party tone). The more specific you communicate to your agency, the more likely you’ll have a website delivered to your heart’s content.

5. Communication plan

How often do you want to get an update? Do you want a written update, a phone call, or a demo of work on a regularly basis? Let your agency know about this so that they can reserve their resources ahead of time.

In order not to waste your money (and your time), you should learn how to get the best out of an outsourcing engagement with an agency that are reputable and have a track record of delivery and running/maintain the website.

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