Hide paypal shopify app – the week of data before we made it into the shopify’s new and noteworthy section

Our “Hide PayPal in Cart” shopify app has been featured on the New and Noteworthy section on Shopify app store on the 8th day after its public launch.

This article shares all the traffic and conversion statistics we have collected in its first 7 days from 16 – 22 Jan 2017.

Day 1 – 16 Jan
Number of installs: 3

Day 2 – 17 Jan
Number of installs: 7

Day 3 – 18 Jan
Number of installs: 10

Day 4 – 19 Jan
Number of installs: 10

Day 5 – 20 Jan
Number of installs: 6

Day 6 – 21 Jan
Number of installs: 10

Day 7 – 22 Jan
Number of installs: 8

Total: 54 installs

On Day 1 & Day 2, traffic mainly comes from 1) Shopify forum post where we announced our app and 2) Organic.

On Day 3, we noticed that there are 4 times more incoming traffic than on the previous days. Around 80% of the new traffic comes from a newsletter curated by ShopPad at http://www.thenewapps.co/

Frankly, we were totally surprised that a single ShopPad newsletter brings us four times more traffic than the days without it.

We know Shoppad because they have open sourced Uptown CSS. But we didn’t know ahead of time that they have a newsletter service that simply jumpstart our app business.

First week’s summary:

  • 54 installs
  • All 5 star review from 8 shops