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D-Biz Service Provider Number: SP-282-446z

Our D-Biz Shopify Online Shop Solution 

InsCoder Limited is an approved Distance Business (D-Biz) Program Service Provider (No. SP-282-446) as well as Shopify Plus Partner in Hong Kong. Our team dedicate 100% of our time in building Shopify online shop. With our extended experience in launching Shopify online store, we could customise a launch plan for your within your budget. Don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Programme Background

Under the COVID-19 epidemic, remote working or service has become a new trend in Hong Kong. The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme to support enterprises to continue their business and services during the epidemic. The Programme provides funding support through fast-track processing for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business.

Funding Amount

For each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for the employees, the funding ceiling is HK$100,000 (with funding for the relevant training expenses capped at 10 per cent of the IT solution cost). Each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000 to undertake a project to be completed within six months.

Application Period

Application closed. Only open for re-submission of application.


If the company thinks that the funding amount is too low, it can reapply. The Innovation and Technology Commission stated that after receiving the application result, the applicant can choose to use the approved amount to implement the requirements of the relevant plan, or to subsidize the required funds to continue to implement the original plan.

Change of service provider  – A new quotation is required

If the originally selected service provider is unable to provide related services or plans due to the adjustment of the approved funding or the change in the scope of services, the funding applicant can change the service provider. Approved applicants must re-provide valid written quotations from other service providers for review and confirmation in accordance with the “Guidance Notes for Funding Applications”. For scheme/platform providers that use subscription form, only one quotation is required. However, the applicant’s “Approved Funding Amount” will not be adjusted due to changing service providers

This government fund’s detail could be found in HKPC website.



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