How Shopify Plus can grow your business

Updated in June 2021

Are you a merchant looking for a reliable platform capable of selling goods and/or services at a relatively high volume? Look no further as Shopify plus might just be the answer you’re looking for.

With great storage solutions, Shopify Plus is specifically designed to handle high volume traffic so your store can scale accordingly to the needs of your business. Not only is it built to deal with traffic, it also allows you to gain a significant degree of autonomy by allowing your store to be designed with a greater level of customisation and automation. This is particularly advantageous for those looking to expand their businesses globally; perhaps you’re looking to set up stores in multiple locations or you’re wanting to keep your wholesale channel separate from your retail offering? The bottom line of Shopify Plus is that it aims to optimise your store and increase the overall usability of your store site to help turnover higher conversion rates– what’s not to love?

Shopify Plus offers a great deal of comprehensive features that allow your store to be managed with ease so that you can focus on the more significant aspects of your business. With a Shopify Organisation Admin account, you can manage multiple store locations all from the comfort of your own home. Shopify Plus provides you with unlimited staff user accounts at no additional cost, as well as the ability to control permission settings for each staff account to give you full oversight of your store. With up to 20 different languages offered in the admin accounts, your workforce can be fully diversified – perfect for expanding your store overseas or internationally. Whether you’re looking to create a store with bespoke content or have the currency and language tailored for a specific location, you can build up to 9 expansion stores that accommodate to a certain target market.

Shopify Plus is also key in assisting to turnover high conversion rates by building the platform to be simple to customise from the front-end, as well as allowing you to achieve a higher degree of automation so that you are left with more time on your hands.

To increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, Shopify Scripts provides your customers with more tailored experiences such as loyalty perks from bundles and deals to optimise their checkout process. In addition to this, customers will be able to pay with just one single tap at checkout with Shopify Payment for faster checkout. Utilising Shopify payment will also mean that you will be subject to lower transaction and service fees since you’ll no longer have to deal with using an unnecessary third party payment provider.

And speaking of simplicity and automation, scheduling in product launches, sales and product line restocks has never been easier with Shopify Flow which allows for hassle free inventory management – another benefit of the Shopify Plus plan allowing your store to be more automated.

If the above seems somewhat daunting – you are never just left entirely alone and to your own devices. With a Shopify Plus plan, you’ll also have access to your own success manager for support on a one-to-one basis to assist you with any aspect of launching your website – whether that’s integrating third party applications onto the website or requiring external parties to be assigned to work on any part of your store.

Additionally you’ll also have access to Shopify Plus Academy, an online learning portal for personal development and self-learning that will provide you with the skills to help you build your eCommerce business from the ground up.

You’ll also become a member of the Shopify Plus Facebook group, great for networking and reaching out to other Shopify Plus merchants just like yourself.

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