Shopify tweak: hide paypal button in shopify checkout page

Updated [2018-11-14] : Shopify keeps updating program in the checkout, the program code shared in this document does not work anymore. You can install our Hide Paypal in Cart app which can do the job.

“How to hide paypal button in Shopify checkout page?”

It’s one of the most popular questions that gets asked in the Shopify forum.

Yet, the checkout page is protected by Shopify which cannot be modified, unless you are using “Shopify Plus”. For general public, we need to play a little trick to achieve this.

Solution to hide Paypal button in checkout page

Thanks to javascript and css.

Simply put the below code into the Google Analytics’s “Additional Google Analytics Javascript”. This is inside the Shopify admin’s Preferences page.

Magic. The yellow Paypal button got removed.

Obviously, it is not a prefect solution, the customer may see the button for hundreds milliseconds and then disappear. But that is the only way, at leat at this moment, to hide the big yellow Paypal button in the shopify checkout page.

UPDATE: If you would like to hide the paypal express button in the Shopify Cart page instead, check out our latest blog about how to remove Paypal button in Shopify Cart.

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