Case Study: Dior Beauty HK - Optimising eCommerce efficiency & user experience with Shopify Plus

As a leading fashion and beauty brand, Dior Beauty is known for its top-notch product quality. To ensure product safety standards, the ingredients and formulas are evaluated by various medical tests. In the pursuit of natural ingredients, they work with third-party partners to innovate, research, and seek further breakthroughs in delivering products of high quality and safety.

In order to develop the Hong Kong market, the beauty brand established a dedicated online store in Hong Kong to further consolidate its international branding identity in different countries and regions.

When choosing an eCommerce service provider to cooperate with, factors such as time zone difference, communication, and service efficiency are crucial for an international brand. Dior Beauty HK invited InsCoder, a certified Shopify Plus Partner situated in Hong Kong, as their online store partner to work out a sustainable solution over eCommerce development and growth.

By joining the InsCoder Retainer Package, Dior Beauty HK is served with:
  • The online storefront design is updated monthly to match different campaigns and themes
  • Faster uploads and launches of new products
  • Shopify Plus only: Functions of setting up customized offers (including coupon codes, campaign-only offers, etc.)
  • Shopify Plus only: Shopify Flow to prevent malware


InsCoder Retainer Package: Through regular updates of the online storefront for various settings of campaign offers and discounts to further enhance the user experience of online shopping.

To fulfill the requirement of brand identity and campaign needs of Dior Beauty HK, InsCoder offers customization service of Shopify themes to deliver stunning online stores in different designs and styles.

In order to match with campaigns of limited-time offer, InsCoder provides efficient assistance such as accelerating the process of updating the product information, listing new products fast and setting up the time limit for various types of discounts. In addition, as an international brand with a goal to protect brand safety, Dior Beauty HK chooses Shopify Plus for a higher level of cybersecurity to prevent possible intruding of malware.


The Online Storefront Design is Updated Monthly to Match with Different Campaigns and Themes


To cope with Dior Beauty HK's different campaigns at festive seasons, InsCoder redesigns the website layout to add some festive flair to the online store, thereby increasing sales and exposure. By taking the international brand’s dedicated festive touches such as blue, gold, metallic flowers, InsCoder designed the online storefront to impress customers with Dior Beauty HK's elegant brand image with a Christmas mood.


As a leading luxury brand, Dior Beauty HK’s elegant and luxurious image should be revealed as their online store. In view of this, InsCoder designed a concise, clean and intuitive membership page for Dior Beauty HK that the customers can better understand about the various membership levels at a glance. The InsCoder team had also automated the customer experience by setting up different offers of free gifts or trial sets upon different membership levels.


Faster Updates and Launches of Products

In the past, the brand’s product updates or regional campaign offers in Hong Kong were lagging behind, taking more time to complete, because of time zone differences. As a certified Shopify Plus partner, InsCoder’s team and Shopify’s 24/7 support provide a more efficient product listing service in which the latest products and upcoming campaigns can be shown to the customers with the most up-to-date website display quickly. Dior Beauty HK’s team can save time on website updates and focus more on new campaign planning and brand development.


Shopify Plus only: Functions of setting up customized offers (including coupon codes, campaign-only offers, etc.)

Shopify Plus provides advanced features such as Shopify Script and Script Editor that allow merchants to create discounts that are automatically applied, saving customers’ effort to manually type or to copy and paste.

Shopify Scripts

Line Item Scripts: these scripts affect the items in the shopping cart where the merchant can change prices and grant discounts. The scripts run whenever there is an item added, removed or changed in the cart.

Shipping Scripts: these scripts interact with shipment. It enables the change of shipping methods and grants discounts on shipping rates if it is available. The scripts run whenever the customer navigates through the shipping options at the checkout page.

Payment Scripts: these scripts interact with payments. You can rename the payment gateways or even hide or re-order them. These scripts run whenever the customer accesses the payment method at the checkout page. The payment gateways (such as PayPal Express or Apple Pay) will not be shown before the checkout page for different business needs and customer journeys.

Script Editor

Script Editor contains templates for commonly used scripts. You are allowed to select templates according to the needs of your online store such as product discount in percentage (%), price cut ($), change of shipment rates, renaming functions and more.


Other than setting up different discount options with promotion codes at the checkout pages suggested by the international brand, InsCoder had added more elements to boost the promotion to Dior Beauty HK's online store campaigns. For instance, when a new and dedicated online-only product or a festive product is selected to place at the shopping cart, the corresponding discount options or gifts of limited offer will be automatically added to the cart.

InsCoder uses the Shopify Script function to make these complex offers and varying discount methods happen at Dior Beauty HK’s online store. For example, setting up a quantity quota on the identical items, usual items of limited order, in the promotion period. Special requirements such as hiding the shipping rates, rearranging the shipping fee, modifying the payment gateway naming, hiding the payment gateway, reordering the payment gateway can be set with the scripts.

Therefore, Dior Beauty HK’s team can focus on their marketing plan and strategy as InsCoder plays the role of execution and testing that greatly reduces the manpower and resources for the brand and improves the overall efficiency of the online store.


Shopify Plus-only: Shopify Flow prevents malware

(Photo from Shopify Flow Video)

As an international brand, Dior Beauty HK has an eye on cybersecurity seriously. InsCoder applies Shopify Flow, which is a unique feature of Shopify Plus, to automate the online store’s workflow where the team can easily monitor the website security at all times and prevent malware intrusion. It further maintains the online store with more secured options and protection of confidential data.

Shopify Flow monitors the online store with three risk level indicators: high, medium, and low. When there are possible threats from malicious programs, Shopify Flow will automatically filter it and send a warning email to notify the administrators and the relevant staff who can make sensible decisions to take against possible malware intrusion.


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