6 Features of Shopify Plus

There are various ways to start an online store business that Shopify is one of the popular ecommerce tools around the world for a promising path to success. To cope with demands from businesses of different sizes, Shopify Plus is introduced with add-on features that make it easier for the business to manage multiple online stores.

Literally Shopify Plus is an advanced version of the Shopify Basic. Although the user interface of both is similar, the Shopify Plus version is more impressive with advanced and comprehensive functions. Companies of larger scale and higher annual turnover demand a more stable platform and sophisticated solution to satisfy the high volume of customer orders and traffic that Shopify Plus will be a suitable option.

This article will introduce various features of Shopify Plus for businesses of different scales to choose the most suitable Shopify solution and further expand the business with more opportunities:


  1. Multiple Sales Channels
  2. Automated Plug-ins
  3. Personalized Checkout Settings
  4. More Advanced Features for Online Stores
  5. One-on-one Customer Support
  6. Various Pricing Structures


1. Multiple Sales Channels

shopify plus multiple sales channels

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If your company is an international brand or plans to expand the business in different regions, including the strategy of multiple sales channels is essential. With Shopify Plus, the eCommerce administrator can easily integrate multiple online stores in multiple languages in one go. The functions include: 

  • An administrator can manage 9 online stores at the same time. (With different domains)
  • An unlimited number of staff accounts can be established and the access rights of individual accounts can be controlled.
  • 20 languages available 

Shopify Plus enables language switching according to the business locations. You can change the pricing according to the local pricing strategy and set up regional campaigns. It is very suitable for enterprises planning to expand to international operations. 



2. Automated Plug-ins

It usually takes more manpower and time to handle the business in multiple countries. Shopify Plus eases everyone’s lives by providing a variety of automated plug-ins to help merchants save time and operating costs. For example: 

  • Shopify Flow to automate business operations (customer service, inventory management, risk management)
  • LaunchPad automated launch tool (flash sales, new product launches, pre-order discounts)

Shopify Plus automates eCommerce with smart plugins to save manpower in operation. Business owners can better plan the human resources to focus on designing other businesses to further grow. 


3. Personalized Checkout Settings

To seize every opportunity in the market, we believe that every businessman will design a series of marketing activities.

Shopify Plus online store owners can customize checkout features through Shopify Script, such as product bundling, offer packages, various pricing models, and more. Consumers will be stimulated by these promotions and thus increase the checkout conversion of the online stores.

The checkout page settings of Shopify Basic are rather standard and fixed. To increase flexibility to change according to business needs, Shopify Plus’ checkout customization can definitely help business owners automate the eCommerce process and improve customer experience, thus increasing checkout rates. 


4. More Advanced Features for Online Stores

shopify plus more advanced features for online stores

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Festive seasons such as Valentine's Day, Christmas are the peak seasons for eCommerce. Shopify Plus merchants do not need to worry about the system stability during seasons of high. It can process up to 10,000 orders per minute, which is good enough to cope with the huge traffic so that the merchants will not miss any opportunity from the potential customers.  

Business owners can also use the Shopify POS at in-stores or offline events such as pop-up stores of flash sales. The consolidated POS solution will further increase brand synergy with higher turnover and operational efficiency. 

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5. One-on-one Customer Support

All Shopify plans support 24/7 customer service by email and instant online customer service messenger, Live Chat.

What’s so different for Shopify Plus is that it provides a Merchant Success Program which includes technical support and you will be assigned with a dedicated Merchant Success Manager to follow up. The one-on-one service helps merchants to easily establish and operate an online store.

Shopify Plus enjoys additional resources:

  • Shopify Plus Academy: a resourceful online learning platform to educate Shopify Plus merchants who can self-learn the knowledge and the latest updates of Shopify.
  • Shopify Plus Facebook Group : a Facebook community to communicate and share ideas with other Shopify Plus merchants. 


6. Various Pricing Structures

Shopify Plus charges: it starts from US$2000 per month that a contract is required to sign with Shopify. Although the pricing is much higher than that of the Shopify Basic, the service of Shopify Plus includes support of a dedicated team and integration of multiple regional online stores with a centralized administrator for better management and convenience. If you have numerous online stores to build, you will find that Shopify Plus will be more cost-effective and more efficient in the setup. 

Additionally, Shopify Plus’ transaction processing fees are much lower than that of Shopify Basic. 

We also want to share the three main types of pricing models of Shopify:

  • Basic Shopify - The basic configuration necessary to start a new business.
  • Shopify - A more complete platform for growing your business online. 
  • Advanced Shopify - An indispensable advanced feature to expand your business.

Conclusion: Which merchants should choose Shopify Plus?

shopify plus merchants

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Merchants can refer to the following ideas to decide if you should go for Shopify Basic or Shopify Plus:

  • Enterprise with More Staff: Shopify Plus supports' unlimited staff access. If there are numerous staff in your company, you can invite more staff to collaborate in the Shopify Plus online store operation without worrying about additional costs.

  • Additional Support Required:  The Shopify Plus Partner Program enables enterprises to seek advice from technical experts, experienced agencies, and solution partners of the partner network for high-quality customer success service, practical experience sharing, professional and technical advice to help Shopify Plus users to master the skills of eCommerce.InsCoder officially became a Shopify Plus Partner in 2019 to deliver services of a top-tier standard to Shopify Plus users.

  • A Wholesale Business (B2B business); Shopify Plus provides a wholesale pipeline that you can build independent and password-protected wholesale stores to communicate with your wholesale business partners.

  • Busy Business in Need of Automation; Shopify Flow helps you set up conditional rules (conditions) to automate operational tasks and streamline the workflows by setting up trigger events on your online store. The automation will help address high-volume sales orders easily.

  • Operating in Overseas Markets or Planning to Expand Overseas: In addition to features of multiple currencies and languages, Shopify Plus helps you manage various online stores of multiple regions on one platform. The centralized management allows merchants to allocate their resources more efficiently.


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