Case Study: Tartes & Pop - Successfully Upgraded to Shopify and Integrated Shopify POS System

"The whole team (from the salesperson to the designer and project manager) went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the final result. The tools they use, the clarity of their explanation, allows me to share the progress with the rest of my team very easily. "

Thibaut Carminho
Director, Tartes & Pop


Being the very first French tarts specialist in Hong Kong, Tartes & Pop combines delicious cakes and pop culture to make traditionally French pastries more fun and funky. They were voted best cakes for farewell celebrations (a.k.a 散水餅) in 2020. The finger-licking good tarts can be found in their shop located at Sheung Wan, as well as the online store. With the previous ordering system continuously charging them a higher amount of commission, Tartes & Pop reached out to Shopify Agency - InsCoder, in order to find a platform that was less money, more flexible, and with the right kind of tools to evolve. With Shopify, Tartes & Pop has found:

  • Saving almost HKD 300,000 platform fees yearly
  • Explore more advertising options
  • Improved UIUX Design for better user experience


The Goal and Solution - New Storefront Design, Migration from another platform to Shopify, Better Online and Offline User Experience

After a few rounds of requirement analysis, based on the brand & visual identity and products Tartes & Pop are selling, InsCoder re-designed and developed their online store with Shopify theme customization. Thus, to implement different website features, InsCoder had carefully chosen the suitable third-party apps to be integrated with. InsCoder also supported Tartes & Pop with POS integration, so that they can manage all data (i.e. every order, every customer, every product…) in store with just an iPad in real-time, which syncs back to Shopify backend.




InsCoder worked with Thibaut, CEO of Tartes & Pop, to deliver a tailored design that matched the brand tone and feel - colourful (orange, white, big pictures of delicious cakes), playful (rounded edges and dots), with easy-to-use UX design and navigation for their customers. Tartes & Pop is all about the best quality and good mood, without any cold image associated with luxury, that’s why they named the company TARTES & POP - TARTES = tarts in French; POP = popular, pop culture, pop art, pop music.

After a few rounds of consultation and revisions, InsCoder got Tartes & Pop approval on the design, and InsCoder then started to code.


Third-Party Apps Integration

Tartes & Pop provides delivery and pickup options for customers. InsCoder selected a third-party app to help with online delivery/pickup order taking, customers can now select their preferred day and time for delivery or store pickup. Design and further customization are also applied to avoid using the app’s default storefront design.

The best seller products - 9-Tartes Gift Box with discount was a more complicated feature to implement. While Shopify’s default product settings do not allow users to create a bundle-like gift box, InsCoder made use of two third-party apps with customization to help implement this feature.


Shopify POS Pro

InsCoder assisted Tartes & Pop with POS setup, with the aim of replacing the old POS system and making transit of order taking progress as smooth as possible. After all products are uploaded to Shopify, InsCoder helped Tartes & Pop set up the Shopify POS with the other hardware in their physical shop. It allows them to create purchase orders/ future orders/ draft orders, register members, view order details… with just an iPad in real-time. Every data is synced back to the Shopify backend which makes data management and accessibility much easier. With the Shopify POS app also installed in the store owner’s mobile phone, he can still manage the store data far away from the shop.


About Tartes and Pop

The owners of Tartes and Pop began their cake curating careers in 2015 when they found that there were few great options for French tarts in Hong Kong. With these few years of online and offline retail experience, Tartes & Pop truly understands what their customers and operation staff need. InsCoder is proud to have worked closely with Tartes & Pop to deliver a smooth transition to Shopify, enrich the customer experience with suitable website features and ensure that their team can run and grow the business on Shopify independently.


About InsCoder

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