Top 7 Must-have-apps for Hong Kong Shopify Merchants in 2022


While you are busy working with product updates, budget planning, creative and digital marketing for your online store, it is almost the end of the year on the horizon. Smart businesses will always look for operational improvement and marketing excellence with a thorough plan for ecommerce success.

Whether your new year resolutions are looking for an edge in the new markets, motivating visitors to purchase, creating stronger bonding with the customers or improvement on e-commerce management efficiency, we are here to propose ideas ahead of the New Year resolutions with recommended Shopify Apps that Hong Kong Shopify merchants should consider in 2022. 


Acquire International Customers with Multilingual Sites

It makes sense to focus on selling to people in your hometown when you just start your business. There are 5.1 billion internet users (Source: Internet Live Stats) that 71% users prefer reading in their language. (Source: CSA Research). If your goal in the new year is to discover new markets for new customers, it is relatively easier to achieve with your online retail store by localizing the site in various languages. We have two Shopify Apps to support your needs in getting the site ready to sell to the global audience: 


With 100+ languages available, Weglot introduces automated and speedy machine translation for Shopify stores including content pages, pop-ups, images, email notifications, metadata, checkout and dynamic content in just 5 minutes. You are given flexibility to edit the translated content with a visual editor and collaborate in a team. Newly added content will be automatically translated for easy management.

The Shopify App - Weglot is designed in light of SEO-optimization with unique URLs, server-side translation, automatic hreflang tag for acquiring more customers from organic search.

  • Quick translation of the entire site content in 100+ languages without coding installation.

  • Easy management with visual editing tools, team collaboration and automated translation for newly added content. 

  • SEO optimized with best practice for multilingual sites with sub-domain, metadata and server-side translation. 

Weglot supports auto-redirection to the users’ preferred language with multiple domains generated for excellent customer experience. Despite the awesomely quick deliverables of both apps, you are always encouraged to review the translated work and edit with their intuitive dashboards to ensure the shopping experience is well interpreted. As localization is a recurring practice for online business with frequent product updates and dynamic content, please evaluate the payment plans that match your business needs. 



Focus on Making Highly-Converting Landing Pages

We have been a big fan of looking around brilliant landing pages to learn. When we talk about landing pages, the ones usually look at the single opt-in pages that you pay the advertising for. It is very impressive and encouraging if you can get the customers straight to the point to checkout at the sales landing page but there are certain customers who love to learn more about your brand and navigate around for more products. Most of the pages on your site are crucial landing pages as part of the end-to-end journey of a user's interaction with your online store. 

Also, all indexed pages at search engines will be possible to become the entry landing pages to new customers. Therefore, product collection, product detail pages, pricing pages, “coming soon”, contact us and FAQ should be optimized into high-converting pages as well. Blogs with inspiring content can be a page of high-impact that brings business to your store.  

We understand that shop owners are busy with content ideas and products updates, here are two Shopify Apps for building landing pages easily and quickly:

2. Shogun

Shogun is a Shopify App to easily build pages with 30+ mobile-optimized page templates that both beginners and power users will be satisfied with its codeless editor and the full library of website elements (video background, carousel, icons, button,HTML/ Liquid, CSS, table, tabs, sections) and media displays (Parallax Display, Image Slideshows, Image Carousels, Overlays, Video and Image Backgrounds, YouTube, Vimeo, Social Icons, Hover Effects, and Google Maps). 
The built-in A/B test and analytics tools are easy to set up for conversion optimization and performance measurement. All plans are enabled with SEO controls that you can edit meta-titles, descriptions, and Alt text to optimize your online store for search.It supports Weglot localization app that all landing pages will be translated into multiple languages to iterate your way to success in reaching international customers.

  • Full website elements library and stunning templates to easily build new pages with codeless editor, drag and drop widget control. 
  • Scale up various page types easily with sales funnel, promotions, A/B test, email opt-in, promotion pages and clickfunnels-style pages. 
  • SEO-optimized pages with fast-loading storefront for driving more traffic. 


3. Pagefly 

Most of the impressive landing pages are focused with a theme with a vast number of compelling elements to motivate users to interact. With Pagefly, you will find your agenda of website design to build pages with numerous templates and content displays such as color swatches, animation, slideshow, tabs, product variants, sticky section, hero banner, pagination and even reviews and rating. 

There are numerous landing page types at Pagefly Shopify App to cover all possible spots of conversions: product collection, product detail pages, pricing pages, “coming soon”, contact us and FAQ and stunning effects such as fear-of-missing-out, countdown timer, and price comparison. To save time, you can also build pages in bulk with Pagefly. The app is also compatible with Langify so that you can manage the translation of the entire site effortlessly.

  • An efficient tool to create high-converting pages with access to a full library of website design elements and content displays. 
  • Streamlined customer experience with themes and displays that motivate sales.
  • Fast and easy site management of building storefront pages in bulk and integration with localization apps.

Both landing page builders for Shopify offer impressive and professional templates without too much knowledge in coding. If you look for advanced editing and effects, custom elements such as HTML/Liquid, CSS, and JavaScript are available. The two Shopify Apps provide 24/7 access to support that Hong Kong merchants can raise a question without any concern on the time-zone.  



Shipment Excellence as a Key of E-Commerce Success

Your brand’s success is always determined by the satisfaction of your customers.
Shipments and fulfillments are very crucial in the customer journey in e-commerce. In the new year, don’t let go if the current shipment solution upsets your customers. For Hong Kong merchants, we would like to recommend two helpful services to integrate for international and local shipments: 


4. Easyship 

To accelerate borderless and budget shipment, Easyship helps to save money and time from day one.  The seamless integration of Easyship Shopify App connects your online store to over 250+ shipping solutions from top couriers around the world. You can save up to 70% shipping cost as Easyship handles the pre-negotiated discounts with global courier such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, SF Express that you can save time in setting up contracts with each of them.  
Easyship enables customers to enjoy a high level of flexibility from an array of shipment options ranging from the cheapest to the fastest with tax and duty costs. This will enhance your online store shopping experience with choices and transparency in shipment and thus to increase conversion at checkout.

Easyship’s powerful automation tools are designed to streamline your workflow. You can easily sync orders, print labels and process the shipment fast in one platform. You can set up automation shipping rules on repetitive tasks like courier selection, delivery preference, package size, product value and more. To impress your customers with branding experience, you can also customize post-purchase activities at Easyship with emails and tracking information. 
  • Saving time and cost by connecting 250+ couriers of the world.  
  • Increase conversion with total flexibility to customers with transparency in shipment pricing and courier options.
  • All-in-one platform to manage orders, tracking and post-purchase activity and automation shipping rules.


Include Reviews for Credibility as Driving Force to Purchase

Serious customers crave knowing what others think about the product they are interested in purchasing. Most customers choose to trust a business with more positive reviews so the feedback and reviews from your current customers become personal recommendations to new customers.  Including product reviews in your e-commerce strategy will be wise for brand credibility to increase conversions. To make this community-based review feature happen, we have reviewed two Shopify Apps that are worthwhile to install:

5. Yotpo

Yotpo Shopify App turns customer generated content into sales activators by collecting reviews, photos, videos and ratings. You can easily increase conversion by setting up the reviews with a single click without too much knowledge on coding.

The reviews can be shown at any pages of your online store including checkout and social media...any page that is possible to boost visibility and sales of your product with resourceful feedback from other customers. You can set up coupons at Yotpo to incentivize customers to leave a review and the after-purchase emails can be managed in one platform. 

You can integrate Yotpo with data driven solutions and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Klaviyo, SMS Bump and Pagefly to extend the scope of review influence. As a Google partner, Yotpo enables brand discovery through search with rich snippets and seller ratings.

  • Various review widget to collect reviews, photos and videos from customers in customizable displays. 
  • Increase visibility and conversion by showcasing reviews at different pages and search engines. 
  • Easy management of reviews, emails and coupons in one single platform with one-click install and integration to other data-driven and customer management solutions. 

6. is a feature-rich Shopify App to capture and showcase customers’ reviews, ratings, photos and videos with social proof to increase sales.

There are plentiful product reviews that you can create: photos and videos,  reviews, Instagram shoppable gallery, community Q & A, checkout reviews, net promoter score, review sources collected from social media,  messengers and marketplaces such as AliExpress. The wide choices of on-site display widgets at include a carousel, side drawer, the all-reviews page, checkout comments, smart banner and more. You can filter the reviews by topic and set up product groups to share reviews between similar products to ease the customers to read and purchase.

Smart reminder and after-purchase emails and coupons at are bright ideas to motivate customers to leave reviews and activate retention as well. The push of the product and site reviews to Google, Facebook, Walmart, Instagram and Twitter reinforces brand credibility. Apart from its smart product recommendation to upsell similar products, is compatible with various marketing tools such as  Zapier, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Pagefly for easier customer relationship management and retention in one platform.

  • Showcase reviews in plentiful types of reviews and display widgets with easy customization controls. 
  • Increase traffic and brand credibility by pushing reviews at  social media and search engines. 
  • Drive more sales by upselling with product recommendation and connection of various marketing solutions.

What’s more, you can also evaluate if your products are doing well by reading the customer reviews: positive praising will be a gift to make your day and motivation to keep doing good; negative feedback can be a source to identify problems for future improvements.


Enhance Customer Bonding with Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is integral to bond building between customers and your business. Well-written and engaging e-newsletters help in selling to prospects, building relationships with current customers, re-engaging customers with cart abandonment and boosting referrals. Online retailers who are conscious of this one-on-one relationship with customers by email marketing can consider installing Shopify Apps to automate the process:

7. Klaviyo 

To increase your brand awareness and make it stay top of mind of your customers, you can try Klaviyo with smart marketing tools such as pre-built forms, templates and automation to turn your ideas into action in just a few minutes. You can grow your email list with the dynamic forms added to your online store. You can also optimize the form with A/B testing.

Personalizing the email message with dynamic content and product recommendation  to your customers will be a winning factor to re-engage your customers. You can do it with Klaviyo personalization targeting, segmentation of VIP customers,  and automation depending on customers’ behavior such as a welcome message with motivations to the customers with an abandoned cart. 

Klaviyo Shopify App got a growth-focused report to measure the success in dollars, but not only clicks and open rate. The objective-based design enables site owners to understand how much money you’re earning from it.

  • Grow your customer list with dynamic forms, pre-built forms and templates connected to your website. 
  • Set up personalised messages by targeting, segmentation and automation based on customer’s behavior. 
  • Powerful report for growth of your business with insights of earnings and email performance. 



It is no wonder that the new year is the time to look for business goals you wish to meet.  A particular goal online store owners can strive for is to choose the right tools to map with your customer’s journey to facilitate multiple funnels and paths.  With the Shopify Apps recommended above, you will find it easy to attract new customers globally with localization strategies and to convert visitors into customers with landing page builders and reviews widgets for increased upselling and credibility. Your customers will be impressed by streamlined shipment solutions and proactive email marketing automation.

Learning the right path to ecommerce success and customer relationship management is more than a year-end resolution. You will identify new opportunities for the product and business in the new approaches of sustainable growth in the new year.