【O2O Commerce】Optimize your sales with the integrated experience brought by Shopify POS!

With the evolution of POS (Point of Sale System) software, retailers are looking for an omni-functional POS instead of a traditional register which does only custom work.  

What is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS, a type of Mobile POS (mPOS), is a comprehensive system which allows retailers to blend the online and offline activities in order to power your retail experience. By installing the POS to your mobile device, retailers can administer multiple business functions including sales transaction ,customer data management and warehouse management with just a few tabs.



By integrating Shopify POS App, POS hardware and Shopify iPad POS, Shopify POS elevates your business to the next level effortlessly. 

4 key advantages of Shopify POS


There is no doubt that Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform nowadays. With the aid of Shopify POS, retailers experience a seamless sales system which improves business   efficiency.

  • Manage inventory across all locations

  • The POS system helps retailers to manage inventory across all locations. Track any stock and access all inventory details with an IPad, or even a smartphone. Shopify will update the data in real time as long as your devices are connected to the internet, minimizing the deviation on stock changes. 

  • Visibility across all the warehouses and retail shops

  • Retailers can access a detailed inventory report with sales metrics and consumption patterns. Together with the aid of stock shortage alerts, retailers can prevent unhappy customers disappointed by empty shelves and stockouts.

  • Manage customer data effectively

  • Shopify POS allows retailers to evaluate their customers’ profiles, shopping patterns and order histories. The insightful data helps retailers to identify loyal customers and to maximize their profits by tailoring customized sales activities for both online and retail stores.


  • Automate employee management

  • Retailers can track all orders, sales performances and cash register activities by creating individual staff logins. Each staff can be authorized with different levels of access permissions including discount offers, taxation charges and cancellation of order.


    O2O Commerce


    Omnichannel sales is one of the most prevailing business models of e-commerce. While generating more sales and increasing marketing shares could be the significant benefits of Shopify POS, both online and offline retailers are amazed by the convenience and efficiency brought by.


    If you are preparing to expand or migrate your business, make an hassle-free decision by adopting Shopify POS and get ready to access to the advanced but easy-to-understand features. 

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