【Shopify Tips】8 Effective Ways to boost your online store's conversion rate

Have you ever encountered this situation? Visitors browse your website but leave without making a purchase. Why is this the case?

To maintain sustainable growth in sales, on top of driving traffic to your store, you should also emphasize improving the conversion rate. If your online store is struggling  with conversion rate, don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here are 8 tips that can help boost the conversion rate of your online store effectively: 


1. Setup Responsive Web Design (Mobile + Desktop + Tablet) 

According to a survey in 2020, 47% of Hong Kong citizens used smartphones to complete transactions online. There is no doubt that mobile commerce has its growing popularity in the city. Setting up a responsive web design is now a must for all online shops. 

Responsive web design is one of the default features Shopify provides to users with no extra coding needed. With this setting, customers can enjoy the same shopping experiences across all devices.   


2. Use Images and Videos of High Quality 

The difference between online and offline stores is that online shoppers cannot touch the product or try it on. What you should do is to show high-quality images or videos to visitors so that they can visualize the products and understand the details. If customers can know exactly what they are getting, it will effectively increase their desire to buy your products. 

Shopify supports 360 degree or 3D product photos. For example, an app like Magic 360 for Shopify can help customers understand the details of your item from different angles.

3. Setup User-friendly Store Structure 

The shorter time customers spend on finding the products they need, the higher chance they will end up purchasing them. Here are some settings that Shopify offers that could help visitors find your products easily: 

  • Simple Structure to categorize your products in a logical manner 
  • Add search bar to let customers search items they want using keywords 
  • Make use of rotating banner to show visitors your top-selling items


4. Abandoned Cart Reminder 

There are always some customers leaving the checkout page before buying the items in their cart. Shopify’s default feature allows you to trigger emails to these customers, leading them back to the checkout page and complete their purchase. It is one of the most effective ways to boost conversion rate if we can win these customers back. For more advanced functions, you can consider using tools like the Klaviyo app

5. Offer Free Shipping

It’s a psychological game! Offering free shipping provides incentives for customers to shop. If your online shop does not offer free shipping, your customers may shop elsewhere. Don’t underestimate the attractiveness of free shipping to shoppers! 

Shopify enables users to customize their shipping discounts, which is a very useful function for launching different marketing campaigns and boosting sales eventually. 

6. Provide Limited Discount Code 

Providing discount codes that have to be used within a limited time creates an urgency for shoppers to complete the purchase without getting distracted. Shopify gives users the flexibility to customize their discount codes. You can create a unique discount code for each marketing campaign.

7. Use Live chat tools

Live chat tools work as a bridge to connect you and your potential customers. Excellent customer service can help your brand gain trust from shoppers. There are several live chat apps that Shopify offers to users. To give your customers a satisfactory experience, it is recommended you have sufficient manpower and resources to handle instant responses before installing live chat tools.


8. Setup Product Bundling 

Imagine you were the shopper, how hard would it be for you to say “No” to discounts? 

Combining popular products into discounted bundles is one of the most powerful strategies. Not only does this strategy help boost conversion rate, but it also increases average revenue per order. There are various apps that Shopify users can make use of to customize their product bundles. Below are some examples: 

For more advanced functions, merchants can consider using Accentuate Custom Fields with the help of extra coding. Consultation with Shopify Experts is recommended for using this tool.

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Want to stay tuned with Shopify’s updates and advice? Follow us on social media!