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The go-to Shopify agency for businesses headquartered in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Greater Bay Area. We design, develop and optimize e-commerce websites for some of the fastest-growing brands in these regions.

We Connect & Create

Everything is connected. InsCoder takes each part seriously and connects them, in order to create the most comprehensive and competitive e-commerce business in the market.
Research & Data Analysis
UI/UX Design
Program Development
Custom App Development
Marketing & Sales

Why InsCoder?

We have professionally helped over 200 SMEs and enterprises launch and execute their e-commerce strategy with our exceptionally talented in-house team. We’re ready to help you to succeed on Shopify and create valuable shopping experiences for your customers.


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A team of eCommerce enthusiasts who endeavor to help brands build, grow and evolve their online business through Shopify.




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全方位零售解決方案,助你捉緊零售新趨勢,快速打造自家品牌 經營網上生意,開拓環球業務,就是如此簡單!

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