Setting up and running your own online store may look complicated, but it is actually not difficult at all. This article will teach you step-by-step how to start your online business with SHOPIFY. Upload your products to your online store and sell worldwide by connecting to FACEBOOK and GOOGLE ADS. 

Shopify是一個雲端服務,介面簡單易用,專為電商(eCommerce)而設的服務。截至2018年,全球超過六十萬商人使用Shopify建立網店,不論個人或如Telsa, Nestle的大企業也喜歡Shopify的系統。



1) To start with, go to Shopify官方網站 and register with your email address.

Shopify Official Website

2) Enter your password and your store name. Be aware that the store name cannot be the same as other sellers. No worries! This is just for Shopify's internal use. What your customers really see is your registered domain name.

Register an Shopify account

3) Then it comes to Shopify's survey(Optional) 

Shopify Survey

4) Enter your contact information

Shopify Registration Form

5) Done! You are ready to go!

6) Let's see how it works! Oh, it's not attractive!


就是這樣簡單,不用兩分鐘,你就擁有自己的網店,但是這樣的網店,一點也不吸引吧! 繼續關注我們,我們會不斷更新,教你怎樣把網店做得漂漂亮亮,吸引眼球之餘,也要吸金(銷售額)呀!


Here is an example of a completed online store. Don’t forget to click and have a look at it.