The definitive guide to hide paypal checkout button on shopify

We know that some shopify shop owner wants to remove the paypal button from shopify; especially they want remove it from their shopping cart page. Most of the time, I believe that shop owners would have a very different opinion once they spend time to understand what is actually going on behind the scene. For other times, some shop owners have a very good reason to go for hiding the paypal checkout button on shopify shopping cart and postpone to show it only at the very last checkout screen. This article goes to the bottom of this topic so that you as a shop owner can make an informed decision.

1. The background – why using shopify express checkout

The benefit of the “PayPal Express Checkout” is like giving your customers a fast lane in supermarket. With express checkout, your customers do not have to re-enter their address nor payment details because it’s all available from their PayPal account. This is quite an invention because your customers can pay much much easier.

2. Shopify checkout process

But before we go any further, let’s review the checkout process on shopify.

1. Cart > 2. Customer information > 3. Shipping method > 4. Payment method

This is what each step looks like:


2.Customer information

3.Shipping method

4.Payment method

If you pay attention you will notice that at “1. Cart” screen, there is a “Checkout with PayPal button”. Another favor of theme design is to show this button at “2. Customer Information”, like so:

3. The inner workings of shopify

According to shopify documentation, “The [PayPal checkout] buttons can appear on either your cart page or your checkout page, but not both. This means that if you use the tag on your cart page, the buttons won’t appear on your checkout page.”

Regardless of what favors of your theme design, you will have this button either on the “1. Cart” screen or “2. Customer Information” checkout screen; but not both.

4. Concerns about customer checkout experience

I suspect that not many of you would actually checkout on your own shop, so let me go ahead and show you what your customer actually sees when they checkout right at the shopping cart. You want to pay attention to the amount shown on paypal.

So PayPal will ask your customer to authorize an amount that doesn’t have shipping costs included. To be fair, eventually your customer will be brought back to shopify to complete the shipping option at later steps. But many shop owners claimed that their customers are highly confused at the PayPal screen wondering what happens to shipping costs. It impacts even more to those shops that offers coupon/discounts because their customers cannot enter coupon code to see the discounted price before they authorize at PayPal.

5. Solutions (for developers)

I think it is a matter of personal choice but some shop owners simply only wants to have the PayPal button at the last screen (“4. Payment Method”), when all the shipping and coupon information are entered.

And this how to achieve it depending on on which favour of your theme is having:

Scenario 1: If your theme is showing the PayPal button at “1. Cart”

Add the following code to your theme’s css file. Note: Some themes will have a different class name. Look in your cart.liquid template to find out the class name.

Scenario 2: If your theme is showing the PayPal button at “2. Customer Information”

Go to cart.liquid and add the following code:

Add the following code to your theme’s css file. Note: Some themes will have a different class name. Look in your cart.liquid template to find out the class name.

Either way, you will be able to hide the paypal button from shopify and show it only at the last “payment option” screen.

6. Solutions (simple 2 minutes installation for busy shop owners)

Get Hide PayPal In Cart App:

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